Lemoke Basket


If questioned about their life ambitions, most individuals would likely mention leaving a legacy for future generations as one of their paramount goals. At LE.MO.KE. we believe that is not only an honor, but also our destiny to become the 4th generation of shoemakers carrying on our ancestors’ heritage. Descending from a family forever tied to the shoemaking industry and the retail business, .LE.MO.KE. is a new brand that seeks to perpetuate that same passion for high-end quality shoes. 

At its core lies a team of skilled professionals focused on delivering its own take on the several iterations one of the most timeless and iconic shoe models in history: the Moccasin. Taking this model as the trademark inspiration for each collection, LEMOKE aims to explore and bend boundaries into other creations, always with quality and aesthetic in mind. 

Our ongoing drive to create beautiful shoes is accompanied by thorough methodologies, from design to production which being done in-house, allows us to strictly oversee the entire process to ensure that quality is never compromised. Through a unique merge of traditional craftsmanship techniques and innovative design, we aim to deliver contemporary shoes with a classic reference for the modern, sophisticated man.  

We are a young brand, but our mentors were born in a family that has always been related to shoes manufacture and retail sale. Having in mind the will to perpetuate a four generation heritage, .LE.MO.KE. wants to evolve and make its own shoes and, by so, reveall its personality and identity.

We are .LE.MO.KE., and we believe in Love&Shoes

 LEMOKE is a celebration. A celebration of youthness, quality and love. Love for the beautiful things in life, for the details that matter and for shoes that fit perfectly. Join us on our celebration of life.

Craftsmanship. The quality of design and work, the technique, style and expertise shown in something. The ability of evolving from one’s own thoughts or imagination, to produce, to constitute, to appoint. The mastery of translating ideas and concepts and making them come true in something unique and exceptional. The artistry of handcrafting what the heart feels.